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Strategic Plan

Mission Statement

The Rhode Island Dental Association (RIDA) is a professional organization of Rhode Island dentists dedicated to the service of the public advancement of the profession through education, advocacy, and member services.


  1. The RIDA will be the public policy advocate for the provision of quality and ethical oral health care.
  2. The RIDA will be the primary source of professional education and information to its members.
  3. The RIDA will recruit and retain members of the Rhode Island Dental Association and increase member services.
  4. The RIDA will expand sources of non-dues income, maintaining responsible fiscal management of all resources within the Association Financial Plan.
  5. The RIDA will be recognized as the state’s primary provider of oral health care information to the public.

Goal One Objectives

  1. Advocate state legislation favorable to dentistry and provide legislators with information regarding quality and ethical oral health care.
  2. Influence and educate regulatory bodies for decision-making on scientific and public health issues of interest to dentistry.
  3. Increase communications with third party providers to recommend policies supporting quality and ethical oral health care.

Goal Two Objectives

  1. A Utilize membership study to better identify the information services and professional education programs that members need or want.
  2. Reach 100% of membership with all current and pertinent information on professional development, member services, current educational opportunities, etc., using a variety of media.
  3. Develop a program of continuing education that responds to the needs of the membership.

Goal Three Objectives

  1. Recruit new members.
  2. Retain existing members.
  3. Increase membership services.

Goal Four Objectives

  1. Explore current and potential revenue sources, including all products, services, individuals or companies which request RIDA endorsement.
  2. Promote products and services to a wider market, including RIDA
    membership, non-members, dental auxiliary/staff.
  3. Develop a Financial Plan. The RIDA shall develop an Association Financial Plan to secure present and long term financial stability for the Association.

Goal Five Objectives

  1. Utilize the Committee/Council on Communications that will coordinate all communication efforts.
  2. Develop a Public Relations/Advertising Campaign to re-enforce our positive public image.
  3. Develop a Speakers Bureau and Spokesperson Training Program for dentists to provide the latest information on oral health care.
  4. Encourage an interchange of information among pertinent dental information sources.