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Peer Review

Trust is an important part of oral health care, too. Good communication is the foundation of a good dentist-patient relationship. A sincere effort on the part of the dentist and the patient to discuss the course and cost of treatment and the expectations of the outcome can go a long way toward establishing mutual trust.

An unasked question or unexpressed concern can undermine trust. A simple conversation almost always resolves doubts and answers questions.

In those instances where a problem or misunderstanding cannot be resolved, the recourse available is the peer review process.
Peer Review is a process which attempts to mediate problems between patients and member dentists.

​To initiate this process, please fill out the forms linked below and mail them to the Executive Office. "The Acknowledgement Form" and "Request for Mediation" form are required in order to begin the Peer Review process. 

Rhode Island Dental Association
875 Centerville Rd.
Bldg 4, Unit 12
Warwick, RI 02886