The Rhode Island Dental Association consists of three (3) component dental societies: Northern District Dental Society, Central District Dental Society, and the Southern District Dental Society.

The purpose of the component dental society is to support camaraderie between local dentists, further dental education and to keep dentists up to date on important topics in the tripartite system. 

Component Officers

Northern District Dental Society:

  • Laila Kafi, DDS - President
  • Frederick McMillen, DDS - President-elect/Trustee
  • Matthew Almeida, DMD - Long Term Trustee

Central District Dental Society:

  • Patrick Morganti, DMD - President
  • Ray English III, DMD - President-elect/Trustee
  • Fotini Dionsopoulos, DMD - Long Term Trustee

Southern District Dental Society:

  • Frank DeQuattro, DMD - President
  • Nima Behazin, DMD - President-elect/Trustee
  • Peter Schott, DMD - Long Term Trustee