Complaint Resolution / Peer Review

If you have a complaint about the quality of dental care or appropriateness of dental treatment you received from your dentist, you may be able to resolve your dispute through the Peer Review process.

Peer Review provides an impartial and confidential resolution to patient complaints. It is a legally binding alternative for resolving complaints. The Peer Review program is only available if the dentist is a member of the Rhode Island Dental Association.
There is no charge for this service.
Consider the following questions to determine if your complaint MAY qualify for Peer Review:
Did treatment take place in Rhode Island?
The Rhode Island Dental Association can only address complaints involving dentists practicing in Rhode Island who are Rhode Island Dental Association members.
Is it more than 3 years since the treatment in question was completed?
The patient must submit an Agreement within 3 years of the last date of treatment. If more than 3 years has passed, the matter is not reviewable.
Is the complaint about the quality of dental care or dental treatment?
A complaint must pertain to the appropriateness of treatment or quality of care in order to be eligible for Peer Review. Complaints that are solely about fees charged are not eligible for review.
See the Rhode Island Dental Association's Guide to Peer Review for more detailed information on the Peer Review process
If you answered YES to the questions above, please fill out the Agreement to Submit to Peer Review Fillable and send it to Elizabeth Lamoureux at